Standards & Efficiency

Hydrogen Peroxide is now globally accepted as an efficient bio-decontamination agent due to its broad spectrum efficacy and its ability to rapidly inactivate the most resilient micro-organisms.


The hydrogen peroxide vapour permeates every crevice and corner of the room to ensure that all difficult-to-reach areas are thoroughly decontaminated

It eliminates the human error associated with manual cleaning practices and as it is an automated “no-touch” process so removes risk of cross-contamination presented by other contact dependent methods.


Hydrogen peroxide provides a greater level of biological kill than other manually applied disinfectants

The Spaulding Classification states that the most resistant organisms are bacterial endospores (e.g. C-Diff /clostridium difficile) for which there is published data of a 6-log kill using hydrogen peroxide technology. In simple terms, if the process can kill C-Diff then it will have no problem killing all the “lesser” organisms in the classification.


The “gold standard” for Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination is the French NFT  72 281(2009 & 2014).

Steri-Lab's X-CID Chemical treatment exceeds all NF-T 72-281 log reduction targets!