Rhea Compact

Small & compact for cost-effective HPVPA system.

The RHEA Compact uses the airinspace® HPVPA procedure (wide spectrum hydrogen peroxide based biocide boosted with peracetic acid).

The RHEA Compact also manages the start of the CUBAIR OX at the end of the dry foggin process

  • Controlled using a touch screen
  • Protocols are preprogrammed
  • Capacity up to 800 m3
  • Efficacy exceeds the NF-T-72 281:2014 standard requirements for all microorganisms, including spores
  • Effective from 15 minutes of contact time
  • No biofilm residue
  • Economical and ergonomic
  • Our X-CID biocide harmlessly breaks down to oxygen and water vapour with no harmful residues