Coronavirus Pandemic

The recent Coronavirus Pandemic has created unprecedented demand for Steri-Lab services. This is primarily due to Steri-Lab’s ability to deliver our X-CID boosted HPV chemistry to all areas of a room at room temperature, thus avoiding the hazards which are inherent in other decontamination processes.

As this virus can survive several hours in dry conditions and several days in a wet environment, an automated surface disinfection process is recommended.

Since our disinfection process is validated against the NFT72 281 Standard to destroy microorganisms including viruses, our dry fogging machines, RHEA and RHEA Titan and the associated biocide X-CID chemical solution are used across the globe as a routine process not only in patients’ rooms but also in a wide selection of other industries and market sectors.

These include sectors and areas such as:



Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Biologics & BioTech




Clean Rooms




Chemical Processing




Food Processing




Food Preparation




General Industry


Reception & Lobby Areas


Warehousing & Storage


Toilet Facilities


Care Facilities


Transport & Delivery Vehicles


Nursing Homes


Schools & Colleges


If you have an area or facility which requires surface or air decontamination, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.