Who We Are

Steri-Lab is the bio-decontamination section of McGriffin Scientific Ltd.

The business was originally established to support the company’s work in the design and provision of high quality laboratory environments to client companies in sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Biologics, Chemical, Food, Education and other industries through, LabWorks, the laboratory design and fitout section of the company.

Whilst Steri-Lab originally established to decontaminate buildings prior to the installation of a laboratory, the market for Steri-lab’s services has grown steadily since its introduction.

Steri-Lab have partnered with Air in Space of France, who employ a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, microbiologists, and climate engineers.

The company was originally formed in 1992 to design and supply Plasmer air purification technology for the MIR Space Station.

Air in Space progressed to develop this now proven air treatment technology for the International Space Station (ISS Alpha).

The next logical advance was to adapt this technology to provide air and surface decontamination equipment for industries such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Food processing and preparation areas as well as a vast number of other industries and business sectors.

This partnership guarantees that Steri-Lab delivers cutting edge, innovative, reliable, and competitive products and solutions for air treatment and surface decontamination to our customers.

The Air in Space product ranges are now used across the globe in the battle against highly pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria and viruses).

Most recently Air in Space range of decontamination equipment was selected by the Chinese government in their campaign against the Coronavirus. This equipment was used extensively throughout the Wuhan province in China to bring the Coronavirus outbreak under control in areas such as hospitals and treatment centres.